mirror, mirror

“There is a dresser, that looks like the perfect size, on the corner of Detroit and Hamner,” she announces. “Can you please get it before someone else does?” she asks her grumbling husband. “If I had a truck I would get it myself, but I need you to help me out with this one.” So that night it was transported into the garage to await the morning make-over.

Good morning dear dresser, that nobody wanted anymore, she thought as she removed the drawer pulls and scraped each sticker off. The little girl who owned this must have grown up and moved out, she thought. The dog that chewed this knob… I wonder if he is still alive and well, missing his master. Well I’ll never know. But this dresser still has a lot of life to give, sturdy, well made, interesting detail, she thinks to herself. She sands, paints and adds new knobs and detail and drags it in the house. Viola! All it needs is a mirror!

One Sunday, late afternoon, she sees a mirror in front of someones house, right before trash day! “Go back!!!” She yells to her husband. “Oh no, no more trash,” he mumbles. “Oh yes! This is perfect! Thank you Lord!” she proclaims. He says, “I’m not helping you put that in the car.” She replies, “Fine, that won’t stop me!” As she lifts this heavy piece of quality furniture into the car and it fits perfectly along the backseat of her Focus, remembering what her momma told her…never wait for a man to do it, do it yourself! HAH!

It is not a coincidence that this mirror was made for this dresser! “Thank you Lord!” she says out loud! Excited to embellish the perfect molding that frames this mirror, someone had intentions of doing just this, but never got around to it. She knows just what she’s going to do along the frame, as she digs for the box of sand and shells she has had for years, not knowing what she was going to do with them, untill now! Slowly but surely she glues and sticks starfish, shells & pearls galore! A little TLC and see what you can get for free!


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