Mistress of Spices

Have you ever smelled the stench of raw meat cooking? Well, not in my house! Any type of meat should be cooked with spices, not sprinkled after it’s cooked! In my home we always use salt, pepper, garlic and oregano just to start, not to mention the fresh herbs and sofrito! Being Puerto Rican, everything must be flavorful, not necessarily spicy, but flavorful through and though. Imagine the shock when my kids find out that not everyone cooks this way. I would be a vegetarian if there were no spices. The taste of “meat” is not for me! Some will beg to differ, but I don’t know those people.

My dried spices are located right above the stove for easy access. When I run out of something,  I refill my glass jars, using a “funnel” made from a snowcone cup. I clean and reuse the spice jars for sprinkles. Note: Before reusing spice jars, fill with a tablespoon of baking powder to remove odors. Then make your own sanding sugar and add it to your sprinkle cabinet! (You know everyone has a sprinkle cabinet.)


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