The Perfect Cup

Boom, boom, boom goes my head…as three very loud teenagers are yipping away in the back seat. This car is so big, but they seem so close to my head. Hang in there… you are going to get free bras and free icecream. It’s strange what kind of events I will go to get free things. Why not? As long as I don’t have to drive! The event was called The “Perfect Cup” by Skinny Cow. Now if you don’t know what Skinny Cow is, it is yummy lowfat icecream in perfect portioned servings, sold at your supermarket. What does that have to do with bras, you ask? 8 of10 women are wearing the wrong bra size so they combined the two and came up “The Perfect Cup.” A perfect cup of icecream and a perfect cup for your boobies! I love the concept. After a crazy car ride over, filled with hysterical laughter, which intensified the headache, but was well worth it…we arrive to be treated like VIP’s. The vibe was that of a swanky cocktail party. The girls sipped their lemonade with their pinkies held high. Your dream of eating all the free icecream has been granted, then we are called for our fitting. 1 out of our 5 was wearing the wrong cup size, (but that was her mammas fault, we don’t want our babies to grow up.) So now that we are all wearing the perfect cupsize and had our fill of icecream, we grab our swag bags… and off to Macy’s to redeem our free bra certificate. The cashier mentions she has seen quite a few of these today and asked what kind of event was it for? Instantly Skinny Cow is brought up, but she hasn’t heard of it, so with no hesitation we all explain to her… “it’s wonderful, it’s yummy, it’s lowfat, you should get some!” And then it all clicks in my head…What a genius way of advertising!

Now, you don’t want to miss out and you should join me next time.! So sign yourself up for Club Skinny at

Another recommended product by me!


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