Get Crafty in the Kitchen

I wanted to transform my countertops with the Rust-Oleum kit when I saw it a Lowes. The though of recycling my old countertops was first and foremost! I checked the prices online and found it cheaper on Amazon. So I ordered it up in Onyx. I decided I dont want dark cabinets anymore, because the kitchen wasn’t bright enough for me. My counters were light and I never cared for them before, but couldn’t do anything about them because of price and instalation, what a fuss. I needed a product that I can do myself and get her done! In the dvd instuctions provided, they made it seem like you had to do all of it in a certain time, or else! That kind of made me nervous. If I could go back, I would relax and take my time! So live and learn from my mistakes people, because I do recommend this product, just with a whole different point of view.

First, don’t be lazy like I was, and cover your floor with plastic and tape it off! I always want to get right to the project and skip the prep work. Wrong! This thing is messy, but worth it. Then make sure you have the right brushes and rollers! If you use what you have handy, you will mess it up period. I was thinking… as I was hand-sanding everything and working up a sweat… that there has to be a fine sandpaper I can use with an electric sander (and I think I have one in the garage), so why am I not stopping to get? I kept going because I figured it was good exercise! Ya, an electric sander couldn’t hurt for preping the counters. Then I painted on the “paint adhesive” with a high density roller when I should of used a furry one that holds more paint, because I needed a thick, thick coat on that sucker. I don’t remember what they said to use, but it should be a furry roller! This is when the dvd made me nervous because it said to work fast. I tried to go so fast, I forgot to spray on the “wetting agent” on some parts, no bueno. You should wear this spray bottle around your neck with a bell, to remind you! Or have a helper that is in charge of just that! And then spray it on good and don’t be afraid of spraying too much becasue you want the chips to stick the first time to avoid causing you to do touch ups. And working in small sections would be smart.

Overall I am happy, it’s not perfect, but its may fault. Nosey family members seem to have a big opinon about the flaws, but where were they when you needed their support? I always say, “never point out your mistakes and nobody will notice.” I have gotten compliments on the countertops and I smile and say, thank-you. So I got my dark countertops and it wouldn’t of happened any other way. Thanks Rust-Oleum for helping me transform and recycle and reuse my old countertops!

Wait.. I’m not done yet. Now that I have dark countertops I needed to lighten up my cabinets. I went from dark chocolate brown to the pale pink, ya I know, pink. My old man gave me his blessings, because he said if he didn’t I would just do it anyway. Going from very dark to light was so easy with the right paint. Valspar is awesome, in case you didn’t know! Primer is inside the paint and it took a normal two coats to get her done! If I ever find Valspar on “OOPS” sale, I do a little dance! Now none of this has taken away from the center of attraction, my pink KitchenAid. She looks even better on the black counter top.