Two Sisters

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Sick of the same old, same old? No I’m not talking about your husband, I’m talking about the food you cook! I ordered up some Two Sisters Gourmet from PartyLite and added some change to the same old things that I make! I actually tried more products than I’m telling you about, but my momma always … Continue reading

The Perfect Cup

Boom, boom, boom goes my head…as three very loud teenagers are yipping away in the back seat. This car is so big, but they seem so close to my head. Hang in there… you are going to get free bras and free icecream. It’s strange what kind of events I will go to get free things. Why not? As long as I don’t have to drive! The event was called The “Perfect Cup” by Skinny Cow. Now if you don’t know what Skinny Cow is, it is yummy lowfat icecream in perfect portioned servings, sold at your supermarket. What does that have to do with bras, you ask? 8 of10 women are wearing the wrong bra size so they combined the two and came up “The Perfect Cup.” A perfect cup of icecream and a perfect cup for your boobies! I love the concept. After a crazy car ride over, filled with hysterical laughter, which intensified the headache, but was well worth it…we arrive to be treated like VIP’s. The vibe was that of a swanky cocktail party. The girls sipped their lemonade with their pinkies held high. Your dream of eating all the free icecream has been granted, then we are called for our fitting. 1 out of our 5 was wearing the wrong cup size, (but that was her mammas fault, we don’t want our babies to grow up.) So now that we are all wearing the perfect cupsize and had our fill of icecream, we grab our swag bags… and off to Macy’s to redeem our free bra certificate. The cashier mentions she has seen quite a few of these today and asked what kind of event was it for? Instantly Skinny Cow is brought up, but she hasn’t heard of it, so with no hesitation we all explain to her… “it’s wonderful, it’s yummy, it’s lowfat, you should get some!” And then it all clicks in my head…What a genius way of advertising!

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Fresh Home

When you come home isn’t it nice to be met with a fresh fragrance? Or do you like being slapped in the face with pet odors, trash or smelly socks or just a stale house? It always makes me smile when a guest says, “it smells good in here.” I realized how much money and time I had wasted buying all the plug-ins and sprays and having to buy refills all the time and batteries too. A lot of money and a lot of garbage, two things I don’t like! Not to mention an extra chore! That’s why I always liked reed diffusers, they are decorative and low maintenance . I would pick them up cheap at discount stores or spend the extra bucks on a “nice” one from Yankee candles. I can have one in a tiny bathroom and not even notice it, I can see it, but that’s it. Until… I search no more! Partylite has perfected the reed diffuser of my dreams! Not only do they really scent a room, they are decorative as well! I’m telling you, when I find something I like, everyone has to know!!! Their diffusers are made without alcohol, so they dont just dry up, it’s all essential oils. They can last up to a year and you don’t have to flip the reeds! My sons bedroom has never been the same, it knocked out that stinky-feet-scent and it looks nice on his shelf too! I’m always looking for ways to recycle, so I have always held on to the old glass bottles from the cheap diffusers. I’m glad I did because I can buy the refills from Partylite and reuse those old bottles! I couldn’t be more pleased with this product, that’s why I became an independent consultant.

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The sun is poison

Did you know that the freckles or spots on your face have the chance to fade if you will just protect your skin from the suns damaging rays? I always thought, once you get a spot on your face from an old blemish or whatever the case may be, that’s it, it stays there with no hope. It’s not like the spots are going to disappear, but wouldn’t you like to know that they can fade! How? What can I protect my skin with? How can I prevent the spots from getting darker? How can I prevent the sun from wrinkling my skin? I just can’t use a greasy sunblock and the mineral make-ups don’t have enough SPF protection. So I get this sample from a friend and I lost it in a totebag for about 6 months, so when I found it again, it was a skin primer and I thought, “Ok lets check this out.” I put it all over my face one morning and it just felt sooo good! Nothing ever felt so nice, silky and smooth. I squeezed every last drop out then continued on my regular make-up routine. I looked fresh, not a look I was used to seeing. I felt like my make-up lasted longer and I wasn’t shiny. So the next day I got ready without it and I noticed the difference without it! I called up my friend and asked her more about this product that I had never heard of before. I’ve been searching for a product like this my entire life and I finally found it! Colorescience “let me be clear” primer for problem skin! There is one for every skin type too! So I bought my primer and never have been a day without it! (thank God my friend sells it!) Then I wanted to do something even nicer for myself (which I hardly ever do.) I purchased the Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30 because I found out the make up I use (that has SPF 17) isn’t really protecting my skin because the SPF ingredient is all the way at the bottom of the ingredients list! Being that I’m economical, I couldn’t just trash the make-up I have stocked up on and decided that these 2 steps of Colorescience will have to do for now. I will be getting the mineral foundations with SPF 20 ASAP! A tan face looks nice until it fades to wrinkles or skin cancer! I can stop searching for the make-up of my dreams! To be continued…

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  Kim K’s look is a definite no, don’t let this happen to you! Wear your Sunforgettable this weekend and reapply every two hours! Remember: Sunscreen should be worn by everyone, regardless of their age, gender, cultural background or skin color.

Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 which has just received the Active Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation!

My favorite

Everybody needs one of these

My kitchen revolves around my pink KitchenAid. She is so beautiful! When I got her several years ago, she changed my life, I felt like royalty. No more hand held mixers that can’t handle what I require of them. She was the crown jewel in my tiny condo kitchen until the day I moved into my new home. Now I had the chance to decorate a large, plain kitchen! What shall I do? I love to paint, I can change the look of things without a lot of money.  I chose light green, kind of like a green apple green (but lighter) for the walls and chocolate brown for the cupboards with new chrome drawer pulls from This made my KitchenAid pop! This design will do for now. Talk about design on a dime. The one thing I regret is not taking before and after pictures of this transformation. But all is well with my pink KitchenAid, I love her. She is by far the favorite pink appliance that I own.