Fresh Home

When you come home isn’t it nice to be met with a fresh fragrance? Or do you like being slapped in the face with pet odors, trash or smelly socks or just a stale house? It always makes me smile when a guest says, “it smells good in here.” I realized how much money and time I had wasted buying all the plug-ins and sprays and having to buy refills all the time and batteries too. A lot of money and a lot of garbage, two things I don’t like! Not to mention an extra chore! That’s why I always liked reed diffusers, they are decorative and low maintenance . I would pick them up cheap at discount stores or spend the extra bucks on a “nice” one from Yankee candles. I can have one in a tiny bathroom and not even notice it, I can see it, but that’s it. Until… I search no more! Partylite has perfected the reed diffuser of my dreams! Not only do they really scent a room, they are decorative as well! I’m telling you, when I find something I like, everyone has to know!!! Their diffusers are made without alcohol, so they dont just dry up, it’s all essential oils. They can last up to a year and you don’t have to flip the reeds! My sons bedroom has never been the same, it knocked out that stinky-feet-scent and it looks nice on his shelf too! I’m always looking for ways to recycle, so I have always held on to the old glass bottles from the cheap diffusers. I’m glad I did because I can buy the refills from Partylite and reuse those old bottles! I couldn’t be more pleased with this product, that’s why I became an independent consultant.

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