My favorite

Everybody needs one of these

My kitchen revolves around my pink KitchenAid. She is so beautiful! When I got her several years ago, she changed my life, I felt like royalty. No more hand held mixers that can’t handle what I require of them. She was the crown jewel in my tiny condo kitchen until the day I moved into my new home. Now I had the chance to decorate a large, plain kitchen! What shall I do? I love to paint, I can change the look of things without a lot of money.  I chose light green, kind of like a green apple green (but lighter) for the walls and chocolate brown for the cupboards with new chrome drawer pulls from This made my KitchenAid pop! This design will do for now. Talk about design on a dime. The one thing I regret is not taking before and after pictures of this transformation. But all is well with my pink KitchenAid, I love her. She is by far the favorite pink appliance that I own.